Heater Fan, 8 1/4" X 4 3/8" X 9 3/8", Black


$27.93 $45.47


Alera® Heater Fan - Compact heater provides heat just where you need it. Air is heated by a coiled metal heating element and circulated by a fan. Three-way adjustable thermostat with up to 1500 watt heating output. Designed with safety in mind with overheat auto-shut off protection, tip-over safety switch, and a cool-to-the-touch plastic housing. Quiet heat or fan-only setting for all-season use. Heater Type: Fan Forced; Safety Features: Automatic Overheat Protection; Cool Touch Plastic Housing; Tip-Over Protection; Setting Range [Min]: 900 W; Setting Range [Max]: 1,500 W.

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