Floor Brush Head, 3.25" Natural Palmyra Fiber Bristles, 24" Brush


$16.46 $29.37


Boardwalk® Floor Brush Head - Boardwalk® Floor Brush Head is the economical and reliable choice for sweeping floors in industrial settings with heavy foot traffic. The hardwood block is strong and durable for lasting use. Equipped with two threaded handle holes. Handles sold separately. Can be used on indoor or outdoor surfaces to push away dirt, dust, and debris. Great for offices, lobby areas, communal spaces, stairways, warehouses, retail stores, and kitchens. Palmyra Fiber Floor Brush Head—Natural fiber for sweeping coarse/heavy debris. Bristle Material: Palmyra Fiber; Brush Length: 24"; Bristle Length: 3.25"; Bristle Color: Natural.

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