Dual-Surface Scrub Brush, Yellow Polypropylene Bristles, 10" Brush, Plastic Handle


$23.99 $41.28


Boardwalk® Dual-Surface Scrub Brush - Dual-angle, brush with full half-circle bristle orientation simplifies baseboard and tight corner scrubbing tasks. Packed yellow, plastic bristles enable pressure transfer for more effective scrubbing, brushing, and moving debris. Crimped, extra-absorbent fibers provide excellent liquid-holding properties. The threaded handle hole allows you to easily screw in handles. Built with a strong and durable, 10” plastic head for use with threaded 1.13-inch diameter handles, which are sold separately. Bristle Material: Polypropylene; Bristle Length: 2.5 "; Brush Length: 10"; Handle Material: Plastic.

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