Chewing Gum And Candle Wax Remover, 6 Oz Aerosol Spray, 12/carton

$78.01 $119.37


Boardwalk® Chewing Gum and Candle Wax Remover - Boardwalk® Chewing Gum and Candle Wax Remover helps remove unsightly, messy gum and candle wax residue by freezing for easy removal. Tackle stubborn messes from gum and candle wax with an easy-to-use aerosol spray. Can be sprayed directly onto the surface. For use on tables, chairs, floors, and nonporous surfaces. Also works on ceramics, fiberglass, finished wood, glass, laminates, metal, plastic, and vinyl. Unscented, liquid cleaner. Application: Gum/Wax Remover; Applicable Material: Ceramics; Fiberglass; Finished/Sealed Wood; Glass; Laminates; Metal; Plastic; Vinyl; Chemical Compound: Isopropyl Alcohol; Dirt Types: Gum; Wax.

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