Mop Head, Lie-Flat Head, Rayon Fiber, 24oz, White, 12/carton


$166.10 $273.89


Boardwalk® Lie-Flat Mop Head - Boardwalk® Lie-Flat Mop Head is constructed from four-ply, premium yarn in looped-end design which sheds less lint, reduces fraying and unraveling. The durable, double-sewn tailband prevents tangles and provides more floor coverage with each stroke. The mop head is designed to lay flat on the floor, providing broad coverage. Built with a plastic, molded cap that contains a metal 1/4-in. threaded bolt head. Lie-flat screw in mop handle sold separately. Head Type: Wet Mop; Application: Floor Maintenance; Mop Head Style: Looped End; Mop Head Size: 24 oz.

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