Green Certified Foam Soap, Fragrance Free, 1,250 Ml Refill, 4/carton


$64.49 $107.11


Boardwalk® Green Certified™ Foam Soap - Mild, foam soap formula washes away dirt and germs, without being abrasive or drying hands. The mild formula is certified by Green Seal™ and EcoLogo™ to meet their joint standard (GS-41/CCD-104) for hand cleaners and hand soaps. The certifications mean that the product has been thoroughly evaluated by these unbiased, third-party organizations and meet stringent standards without sacrificing product performance. Fragrance-free to help prevent allergies or chemical sensitivities. Ideal for allergy sufferers. Soap Type: Foam; Application: Hand; Capacity (Volume): 1,250 mL; Scent: Fragrance-Free.

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