VeraClean Critical Cleaning Wipes, Creped Texture, Crumple, 1-Ply, 14 x 14, Unscented, Blue, 250/Carton


$102.70 $168


Chicopee® VeraClean® Critical Cleaning Wipes - Perfectly suited for day-to-day use in any industry. Provide a clean, residue free wiper every time, with a proven track record of quality and consistency. Easily remove any kind of fluid or spill without the need to use several wipes to complete the task. Extremely strong both wet and dry and won't fall apart, ensuring that the surface cleaned is free of any residues and contaminants. Low-linting and specially designed for the areas where quality is critical. Creped Texture—Crumple. Towel/Wipe Type: Dry Wipes; Application: General Purpose; Material(s): Hydro-Entangled Wood-Pulp/Polyester; Number of Plies: 1.

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