Squirt 'n Mop Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner, 32 Oz Bottle, Original Scent, 6/ct


$23.56 $38.52


Pine-Sol® Squirt 'n Mop Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner - Pine-Sol® Squirt and Mop Floor Cleaner, Original, allows you to mop the floor sparkling clean without the need for a bucket and water. This ready to use formula helps make mopping easy, and leaves behind a classic pine scent that will fill your home with freshness. Simply squirt, mop and you're done. This multi surface, everyday floor cleaner deodorizes and cuts through dirt, grime and grease, all without leaving a sticky residue. Use it on tile, linoleum and finished wood for a clean you can really see, feel and smell. Ideal for offices, day care centers, schools, hotels, restaurants and other commercial facilities. That's the power of Pine-Sol®. Application: Floors; Applicable Material: Linoleum; Tile; Finished Wood; Chemical Compound: Water; C10-12 Alcohol Ethoxylates; Caramel; Fragrance; Glycolic Acid; Methylisothiazolinone; Octylisothiazolinone; Sodium C14-17 Sec-Alkyl Sulfonate; Dirt Types: Dirt; Grime; Grease.

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