ShockWave2 Shock-Absorbing Lanyard, Steel Hooks, 900 lb MAF


$347.14 $983.29


DBI-SALA® ShockWave2™ Shock-Absorbing Lanyard - Twin-leg shock-absorbing tie-off lanyard smoothly reacts to your movements and minimizes the danger of trip-fall hazards. Abrasion-resistant, tubular webbing ensures safe, reliable performance and excellent longevity. Self-locking snap hook simplifies hookups. Impact indicator lets you know when the lanyard has been exposed to fall stress, helping you streamline equipment inspections. Ropes, Harnesses and Climbing Tool Type: Shock-Absorbing Lanyard; Application: Construction; Iron-Working; Maintenance; Maximum Arresting Force: 900 lbs; Connection Type: Center: Self-Locking Snap Hook; Legs: Steel Hooks.

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