Xtl All-Purpose Vinyl Labels, 0.5" X 24.6 Ft, White/black Print


$34.74 $40.49


DYMO® XTL™ All-Purpose Vinyl Labels - Durable and made for a variety of surfaces. Whether you are labeling to OSHA, ISO and ANSI color standards or labeling in harsh conditions, DYMO® XTL™ labels have you covered. Jobsite-tested and UL-recognized, these labels won’t smear or fade. Compatible with DYMO® XTL™ label makers. Ideal for flat surface labeling like barcodes, faceplates, shelves, bins, beams and more. Label Size - text: 0.5" x 24.6 ft; Label Color(s): White; Machine Compatibility: DYMO® XTL™ 300, 500; Text/Label Colors: Black Print on White Tape.

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