Fendall Porta Stream Ii Eye Wash Station With Eyesaline Concentrate, 16 Gal


$583.09 $747.22


Honeywell Fendall Porta Stream® II Eye Wash Station - There's no time to lose when harmful material gets into the eyes of someone at your workplace. That's why an efficient wash station should always be nearby. Pull the straps on this self-contained unit and the reservoir releases crisscross streams of solution, leaving hands free to hold eyes open. Flushes while providing 0.4 gpm over the entire 15-minute flushing period required by current ANSI Z358.1-2014 standard. Exclusive "full-flow" nozzles cover a wide area around the eyes. Can be placed on level surfaces or mounted on vertical surfaces (brackets included). Includes Eyesaline® Concentrate and an EMERGENCY EYE WASH sign. With Eyesaline® Concentrate (Saline). Mounting: Wall; Depth: 19.5"; Height: 26"; Width: 19.5".

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