clean release technology (crt) healthy soap high performance foam, for es4 dispensers, fragrance-free, 1,200 ml, 2/carton


$54.39 $89.55


PURELL® CLEAN RELEASE® Technology (CRT) HEALTHY SOAP® High Performance Foam - PURELL® Brand CLEAN RELEASE® Technology (CRT) HEALTHY SOAP® High Performance Foam quickly removes bacteria and soils commonly found in healthcare settings while nourishing the skin. Studies found it removed soils and germs better from dry or irritated skin than regular soaps with three times fewer germs left on the skin. CLEAN RELEASE® Technology reaches into skin's cracks and crevices 2X better to wash away more than 99% of dirt and germs. The hypoallergenic formula contains naturally derived ingredients and is better for the skin. It rinses fast and clean for easy gloving. For Use With PURELL® ES4 Soap Dispensers. Soap Type: Foam; Application: Hand; Capacity (Volume): 1,200 mL; Scent: Fragrance-Free.

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