Flax 500 Light Duty Cloths, 9 X 16 1/2, White, 132/box, 10 Box/carton


$149.11 $279.47


Brawny Industrial® FLAX Cleaning Cloths - Choose a combination of softness and strength for your shop towels, with naturally strong flax fiber cloths that hold up even when using tough cleaning solvents. Naturally soft, with a cloth-like drape and feel, flax cloths are suitable for a wide variety of everyday cleaning tasks. Naturally absorbent cloths work quickly to absorb both oil and water. Flax-based cloths are free of harmful contaminants. Made from plant-based material - from the stalks of flax plants. FLAX 500 Light Duty Cloths. Towel/Wipe Type: Shop Towels; Application: Industrial; Material(s): Flax; Number of Plies: 1.

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