Lens Cleaning Station, 8oz Spray, 4 2/5 X 8 1/2, 560/box, 4 Boxes/carton


$79.83 $132.48


Kimtech™ KIMWIPES* Lens Cleaning Station - Kimtech KIMWIPES Science Lens Cleaning Station is a one-stop spot for lens cleaning. It’s a disposable, self-contained system, ideal anywhere glasses or safety lenses are worn. It includes a spray bottle of anti-fog, antistatic, silicone-free cleaning solution to remove dirt quickly and easily. It also features a POP-UP box of soft wipes, which won't scratch delicate surfaces when used wet. It’s your must-have solution for lens cleaning. POP-UP* Box. Application: Lenses; Applicable Material: Glass; Material(s): Tissue; Number of Plies: 1.

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