Wettask Dual Performance Wipers, 12 X 12 1/2, White/purple, 90/roll, 6 Roll/ctn


$96.53 $181.73


Kimtech™ WETTASK* Dual Performance Wipers - KIMTECH* WETTASK* Dual Performance Wipers feature a purple, textured side to make it easy to clean tough messes. They are designed to be used with bleach, disinfectants and sanitizers. The textured side offers extra scrubbing power to help remove dried-on substances. The non-textured, white side is great for everyday cleaning. The combination of both sides leaves surfaces with a sparkling, superior clean. They come with one free bucket per case, which helps avoid contamination of the wipers and cleaning solution, while reducing exposure to chemical vapors and splashes. Towel/Wipe Type: Cleaner/Detergent Wet Wipe; Application: Hard Nonporous Surfaces; Material(s): Melt Blown Fabric; Number of Plies: 1.

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