Multi-Symptom Sinus Relief, Refill Pack, Two Tablets/packet, 50 Packets/box



Lil' Drugstore® Multi-Symptom Sinus Relief - Stop your suffering with a tablet that relieves chest congestion. Also soothes nasal congestion and sinus pressure. Sinus relief tablets work to alleviate pain, so you can rest comfortably. Convenient, individual-dose packets eliminate the need for measuring and counting. Packaged for quick refill of Lil' Drugstore Medicine Dispensers (sold separately) or for other use. Contains: 50 pouches of 2 tablets; Description: Lil' Drugstore® Multi-Symptom Sinus Medicine 2 Tablet Pouch; For Use With: Lil' Drugstore Display Dispenser 71613, 71615.

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