Wedgy Secure Antimicrobial Ballpoint Counter Pen, Square Base, Fine 0.5 Mm, Black Ink, Black


$8.53 $10.37


MMF Industries™ Wedgy Secure™ Antimicrobial Coil Pen - Secure ballpoint pen features fraud-resistant ink that helps prevent tampering of checks and documents. Security ink writes easily on thermal paper. Telephone-type coil extends to more than 5 ft and coils back to less than 6". Scabbard base mounts vertically, horizontally and diagonally to telephones, refrigerators, partitions and walls. Square base mounts easily to any clean, flat surface. Features antimicrobial protection that prevents the growth of bacteria and fungus on the pen. Square Base. Pen Sub-Brand & Product Family: Wedgy Secure™ Antimicrobial; Pen Type: Ballpoint Counter Pen; Pen Style: Stick; Pen Tip Type: Conical.

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