Improv Lobby Clip-Frame Pedestal Sign, 18 X 24 Frame, 54" High, Aluminum


$334.47 $375.68


Quartet® Improv™ Clip-Frame Pedestal Sign - Freestanding, pedestal base sign elevates posters to keep them easily visible in busy environments. Clip frame unhinges for faster sign changes. Durable, freestanding, pedestal base sign with rounded corners. For use in high-traffic spaces such as lobbies or restaurants. 54" height, holds posters up to 18" x 24". One easy flip unhinges clip frame to quickly update signage. Included frosted plastic overlay reduces glare. Silver, aluminum base with adjustable levelers. Frame Color: Silver; Size: 24 x 18; Insert Size: 24 x 18; Material(s): Aluminum.

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