Redi-Rite Aluminum Storage Clipboard, 1" Clip Capacity, Holds 8.5 x 11 Sheets, Black


$53.06 $53.47


Saunders Redi-Rite® Aluminum Storage Clipboard - Portable desktop provides a hard surface for readable work and a 1.5" storage compartment underneath clipboard cover with separate section for pens and pencils. Self-locking latch keeps the compartment securely fastened. Compartment for the form holder/clipboard opens at the top. High-capacity clip holds up to 1" paper and includes a built-in license/card holder. Form holder is made of aluminum with a high percentage of recycled material. Holds Paper Size: 8.5 x 11; Clipboard Actual Size: 9 x 14.5; Clipboard Material: Recycled Aluminum; Clip Capacity: 1".

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