Standard Speed HDMI Cable, Digital Video with Audio (M/M), 50 ft, Black


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Tripp Lite HDMI Cables - Allows interconnection between digital display devices, such as DTVs (digital television), plasma displays, LCD TVs and projectors, to digital source devices, such as digital set-top boxes, Blu-ray players and AV receivers. Supports iPad® 2 Video Mirroring when used with Apple® Digital AV Adapter (sold separately). HDMI assures that the best audio/video signal is always sent from the source (HDTV signal, Blu-ray Player) to the display (projection television, LCD, plasma, etc.). It does this by allowing uncompressed video and multi-channel audio data to be input to the display device through a single cable. An HDMI connection allows input at standard rates of speed, up to 10.2 Gbps. In most applications, a signal booster (sold separately) will need to be used with this cable to ensure a signal strong enough for your display. Cable Type: HDMI; Connector/Port/Interface: Two HDMI Male; For Device Type: Home Theater Systems; Connects Devices (From/To): HDTV Display Device to Digital Video Source.

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