protect it! portable surge protector, 2 ac outlets, 1,050 j, black


$29.43 $31.20


Tripp Lite Protect It!™ Two-Outlet Portable Surge Suppressor - Offers complete AC and Ethernet or phone line surge suppression for laptops, electronic notepads, personal organizers and other portable electronic devices. Compact portable housing weighing less than four ounces neatly fits into laptop travel cases. Retractable plug prevents scratching of expensive portable electronics. Offers two total outlets in a space saving direct plug-in format and diagnostic LEDs to warn of wiring problems and suppressor damage. Fail-safe thermal fusing protects against fire and other damage in the event of an extreme, extended overvoltage or surge condition. Number of Outlets: 2 AC; Joules Of Surge Protection: 1,050 J; Lines: 1; Multimedia Protection: Ethernet/Tel/Modem.

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