Renewable Resource Sugarcane Based Easel Pads, Quadrille Rule (1 sq/in), 27 x 34, White, 50 Sheets, 2/Carton

$43.16 $87.67


Universal® Renewable Resource Sugarcane Based Easel Pads - Made from renewable resource, sugarcane, which grows faster and reaches maturity much earlier than trees. The renewable resource is an excellent alternative choice for high-quality paper at a reasonable price. Constructed with perforated pages that ensure easy tear-out. Supported by a stiff, recycled cardboard back that keeps the pages rigid and straight, even when not on an easel. The holes on the header tape are designed to fit standard easel pegs. Pocket-Sized Indicator: N; Pad-Binding Type: Taped; Pad-Binding Edge: Top; Number of Subjects/Sections: 1.

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